Troyler + nicknames

They have the most adorable nicknames for each other

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some fantastic gifs from my new film, Oscar’s Hotel! If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re in for a treat!

thanks wereallfugitives for the gif set!

We all know I Love Youtube Collaborations, so here are some are my Favorites ( I have so many ).

Drunk Backwords Words - feat. Tyler Oakley

ROOMMATE TAG! Caspar Lee & ThatcherJoe

The Disney Challenge ( ft. Zoella )

Youtube Whispers 3.

Dan and Phil vs. Tumblr

Impressions with Helium

Youtube Whispers 4.

My Currant Favourites ( with Special Guests ).

Halloween Cupcakes with Pointlessblog

Youtube Whispers Q & A with Caspar

Guess the Youtuber / Dan and Phil


Cute Boy Spotting ft. Blessing

(via thosedamnyoutubers)